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Charcoal Seasoning Blog

From recipes, stories, and ideas, to collaborations with other companies, this blog will serve as a go-to hub for all grilling content related to charcoal seasoning.

Have an idea you want to share? We’d love to hear about how you use Gaston’s, the craziest foods you’ve used it on, and your favorite recipes! Feel free to email our content specialist, Connor, at

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Charcoal Seasoning

What Is Charcoal Seasoning?

Charcoal seasoning refers to a type of seasoning that incorporates activated charcoal as one of its ingredients. Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from carbon-rich materials, such as wood or coconut shells, that have been processed at high temperatures to create a porous surface.

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The Gaston’s Story

Fueled by hard work, dedication to the community, and a true love for people, Jim and his brother Alvin opened the doors of Gaston’s Grocery at the corner of Lawrence Street and Selma Avenue in 1948.

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